'Our 9 year old daughter has Alopecia Universalis, and lost all her hair in 9 months.  At the NAAF conference we met Sarah, who showed us her beautiful, soft, sparkly scarves.  Our daughter came home with one, which was her favorite go-to scarf for months.  We recently ordered four more.  Sarah even custom designed two of them for our daughter who is a gymnast.  Sarah is truly gifted at her work, and is a world changer for those going through difficult circumstances.  If your child has alopecia, look no further than Sparkle My Head Scarves!'




'I actually wore the scarf I purchased the entire time I was at Disney World -- and managed to avoid any scalp sunburn because of it! It was very comfortable, and surprisingly cool to wear, given the Florida weather.'




'Sparkle My Head Scarves is a wonderful company. I own 7 different colored scarves. I have cancer and I now have no hair. These scarves stay in place and the fabric is so soft and comfortable. I love the rhinestone embellishments. I always love glitz and glitter! I get compliments every day regarding the attractiveness of the scarves. Be smart and buy these beautiful comfortable scarves. I love them! They have brought the sparkle back into my life."

-  Lynn Simons

  Orange Connecticut


"I purchased a Rhinstone Head Scarf for my Grandmother who is battling lung cancer & kicking cancers a**. She was a hair stylist in her younger years & when her hair started falling out by the handful, she was devastated. She has tried to find bright & sparkly scarves & they have all been scratchy on her head. This one though...She says she had never felt anything so soft & comfortable. She looks absolutely stunning in her new head scarf & feels as sassy as ever!"   

-  Katie J.



"The scarves came at a time when I really needed some uplifting and encouragement. They helped me feel feminine at a time I needed most.

Thank you Sarah for your talent and gift."

-  Mary Flynn

   New Jersey


"Words cannot express how thankful I was when I received my scarf. Finally, someone gets exactly what a cancer patient needs, comfort and style. The materials used are perfect- soft and easy to wear. I recently visited the website and the new styles took my breath away. They ALMOST made me want to shave my head again so I could wear the new styles! The beauty of Sparkle My Head Scarves provided me with the confidence I needed to get through my largest challenge yet to date and for that, I am so thankful!"

-  Teresa Messick

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


"I am the aunt in Sarah's inspiration. I can never thank her enough for giving me a sense of myself when I lost my hair/eyebrows/lashes. Wigs were not an option as I had a chemo port in my head. It was such a huge comfort to know I could put a scarf on that  was comfortable and didn't slip. There is nothing like her scarves anywhere in the market. I even slept in mine! The simple tie in back was one of the best features as it stayed tied. The embellishments gave such an added bonus!"

-  Sally Imbrogno

   Charleroi, Pennsylvania


"When looking for attractive head coverings prior to starting my chemo, I could not find anything, until I found "Sparkle My Head Scarves." I ordered a couple of scarves & I was so happy when I opened the box. The scarves are beautiful & stylish. They are well made & the beading is high quality. The important feature is the scarves are big enough for my head & the material is soft next to my sensitive skin. I've had many compliments on the scarves & I am so happy to have found the SparkleMyHeadScarves website."

-  Chris Gaudio

   Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania