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General Statement

Any information submitted via form or otherwise to the company will be used with great care. Please note that this site uses cookies to track your activity on this website. Any page view, click, or interaction with this site is being tracked if you have clicked "Accept Cookies". We do not sell or provide this tracking information to any external parties except for parties that provide tooling for the analysis of this information or additional services that aid in the delivery of this site's services. These third-parties may include: Facebook, Google, or other companies used to track information about your use of this site. Additional cookies may be set by third-parties for the use of their services. We do not control these third-parties and their use of cookies set on your browser. We block these cookies initially, prior to your acceptance of cookies on this site. If you have accepted cookies and would like to revert to not being tracked, please clear your cookies and refresh this page.

Your Privacy

Your privacy and information is important to keep safe. When submitting a form, please be aware that you are accepting the terms of our site and information tracking. This information will not be shared with any party except for those that we use to track site activity or for protecting the services that this site provides; including form submissions. This includes: Google, Facebook, or additional third-party software used to track site performance, behavior &/or malicious preventative services.

Our Rights

We hold the right to update and change the information herein from time to time. When we issue an updated clause, statement, section or general change to this policy we will update the date at the bottom of this page indicating the date this policy has been updated and it will be the effective date for this policy.


Policy Updated: 03/22/2020