About Us

Sparkle My Head Scarves are designed to empower everyone to sparkle & shine. Founded in 2010, following my Aunt Sally’s first cancer diagnosis, Sparkle My Head Scarves were created for women like my Aunt who are looking for fashionable comfortable head scarves to wear during hair loss. I used my experience from being a woman’s fashion designer in New York City and designed the first Sparkle My Head Scarves Collection. The collection received praise from women across the country, doctors, nurses, and most importantly my Aunt Sally.
The Collection has since grown to include Men & Children, and cap designs. I design for those suffering hair loss due to cancer treatments, Alopecia, or other medical conditions, as well as trend-setters who wear them as a fashion accessory. We all want to look our best even when we don't feel our best. I want everyone who wears my head scarves and caps to find comfort and have their spirits held up in style. I design and hand sew each scarf with loving healing thoughts for the wearer. 

I design in honor of my Aunt Sally who is a 2-time cancer survivor, and in memory of my Dad, Steve Graby.

Don’t ever let anything take away your sparkle.


Founder & Designer,

Sarah Graby